Halo Infinite Beta releasing on Xbox: Every Info you Need

Halo infinite beta releasing on X-box

Halo Infinite created a great amount of buzz at Episode-3 2019 last week. But Microsoft certainly isn’t finished dropping clippings about the highly anticipated Xbox and PC game of 2019. Also, Developer 343 Industries have released some new clips about the game, and it already has a lot to sink in.

Halo infinite beta releasing on X-box

343 Industries lay-downs:

343 Industries have given confirmation in a post about Halo Infinite being released with LAN support. Also, they have already announced that the split screen feature is functioning smoothly. That is a big announcement because Halo 5 released split-screen that upset most of the series fans.

343 Industries have released a statement the beta tests for Halo Infinite.  They are called as ”flights”, will be first taking place on Xbox and then on PC. They also told that the testing times will begin from start with smalls and then go slowly expanding. Until the game’s release in holidays of 2020.

343 also quoted that flighting may be released a tad later for PC players but they are treating those as first class citizens.

Halo infinite beta releasing on X-box

Big announcements on Halo Infinite:

The studio has also given the confirmation that the characters being portrayed in Halo Infinite will be wearing black undersuits. That is a tiny detail regarding the game. But in the case of Halo 4 and Halo 5 players had mixed colour undersuits. This wasn’t received well by the players.

In addition, 343 Industries teased the fans with Halo Infinite’s armour modification options. They also confirmed that players who will reach the highest level in Halo 5, i.e. SR 152 will be receiving an appreciation token in Halo infinite.

Finally, they stated that the Industry has an internal team of gamers. They are testing Halo infinite’s multiplayer gameplay. And concerning the story of the game. 343 gave a nod that Halo Infinite’s story will begin sometime’s after the plot end of Halo 5.

Halo infinite will be releasing in holidays of 2020 as a part of titled Project Scarlett. The game can be played on entire Xbox consoles as well as PC. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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