Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart Relationship Update: Couple’s Marriage Is In Trouble?

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart Relationship Update: Couple's Marriage Is In Trouble?
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Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford are in relationship for the last 20 years and the couple is setting couple goals for the Hollywood industry. Recently a tabloid declared that the couple’s relationship was going through a difficult phase since their son went off to college.

Is Calista exhausted of Harrison’s old man regime?

Recently a magazine claimed that Flockhart was pitching her son left for college and not because of the empty nest. In the absence of her son Calista was totally about spending her rest of life with Harrison Ford, who was pictured as a  grumpy old  man that’s “pretty set in his ways.”

The source claimed that the Star Wars model’s only source of glee was his obsession for flying. According to another source who claims they are friends of Calista’s the actress “desperately wishes he’d quit, for everyone’s safety, not just his.”

Is the couple still holding up?

At the beginning of the year a famous publisher reached out to a close friend of Flockhart. The friend busted the story and told that it was false. As of now the couple is still living in LA at their vacation house Wyoming. Recently paparazzi spotted the two as they got off a private plane.

These rumors are common

When a couple stays in relationship for a long time, these rumors start to pop out. A magazine recently claimed that the actress was tired and decided to leave her husband over his flying habits after Ford was saved from a near miss collision in a two seated plane. A reputed source once again busted the claim and declared it as a false statement.

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