Harry Potter themed cafe in New York is a must-stop for Potterheads

harry potter themed cafe, Steamy Hallow in New York

Potterheads are constantly praying for an escape from the mundane reality and to enter the magical world. Well, their prayers have been answered!!! Steamy Hallows is a small, quaint café in New York that can brighten any Harry Potter fan’s day.

Steamy Hallows is inspired by the wizarding world

Dubbed as Steamy Hallows, this coffee shop is inspired by Harry Potter’s Wizarding World. The wizard themed café is situated at 514 East 6th Street in Manhattan, however, the address on the door read 514 ¾.

Steamy Hallows the Harry Potter themed cafe in New York is a new must-stop for Potterheads

Steamy Hallows is an ideal place for a Harry Potter Fan
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The café opened in February and soon became a hit spot for Harry Potter fans. It more or less gives you quick yet satisfying tour through the wizarding world of JK Rowling. The place might not appear to be very pretentious from outside, however, the intricate and thoughtful décor of it’s inside is definitely worth a tour.

The owner of the café describes it as a “grab and go” style café and its size certainly reflects this thought. The café is small and holds only four stools that are all placed along-side the wall. Zach Neil, who is the owner of Steamy Hallows wanted to build a café that might resemble what a small coffee shop in Diagon Alley would have actually looked like.

Well, by the looks of the interior of the café, he most definitely succeeded in converting his dreams to reality. You will find Harry Potter figures lining the shelves while the walls are adorned with quotes from Harry Potter’s book.

What the cafe holds for us

Umpteen small vintage antiques are placed at several spots throughout the café and old weathered books add a classic potter effect to the atmosphere. The cauldron that is placed near the window appears to be full of some boiling- steaming liquid. Well, it will definitely remind you of Severus Snape’s potion class.

Steamy Hallows ceiling is covered with floating candles so as to give the impression of the Hogwarts Great Hall. Well the Great Hall- esque floating candles and bubbling cauldrons are not the only things that will remind you about Hogwarts.

They have a Hogwarts inspired menu as well. Yes, you read that right a Hogwarts style menu. They truly have taken this thing to another level. Steamy Hallows sell glittered butterbeer and Love potion #9 ¾ as well.

Steamy Hallows the Harry Potter themed cafe in New York is a new must-stop for Potterheads

Glittered Butterbeer
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So if you wish to witness all the loveliness of the wizarding world for real then a small tour to this place might make your dream come true.

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