Harry Potter Wizards Unite: How to get Free Energy?

How to get Free Energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

If you’re battling confoundable then you almost certainly want to know how to get spell energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. This essential energy is needed to cast spells and there’s not a lot of it about. You start with an initial maximum cap of 75, but given the sparsity of it, you’re unlikely to reach that and need to buy more storage just yet.

Since most major actions require spell energy, it’s not hard to run out of spell energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, making it one of the game’s most precious resources.


How to get free energy?

This is the main way of getting spell energy. You can visit an inn every five minutes and cast a simple spell to get a random spin of the dishes on display. These can give you between 1-10 spell energy at a time.

A Reddit user named zviznemte identified some inns and the places where free energy can be taken from. They are as follows,

  • Brown – Ministry Inn
  • Purple – Butter Beer Inn
  • Green – Pub Weasley Inn
  • Blue – Three Broomsticks
  • Pink – Madam Puddifoot’s Tea

From that, zviznemte’s listed what spell energy you can get from what Inn

  • 1 Spell Energy – Tomato Soup /Afternoon Tea – Brown inns, Purple inns
  • Brown inns
  • 2 Spell Energy – Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans/Pumpkin Juice – Green inns
  • Blue inns, Purple inns
  • 3 Spell Energy – Violet Pudding – Pink inns
  • 5 Spell Energy – Bangers and mash – Purple inns
  • 6 Spell Energy– Fish and Chips/Honeyduke’s Chocolate Bar – Brown inns, Blue inns, Green inns
  • 7 Spell Energy – Butterbeer – Blue inns, Purple inns
  • 10 Spell Energy – Turkey Dinner – Green inns


Some players may not have the time to go out to an Inn and may not have enough coins to buy more spell energy. Luckily, Niantic has released a free gift for fans that they can redeem now to get an instant boost of free spell energy.

The gift grants players 50 spell energy, ignoring the 75 max limit, and must be redeemed within a day if players want it.

To get the free spell energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, players need to tap on the Suitcase on the bottom of the screen. And upon the further dwelling, they can buy gold coins and other things, like exclusive cosmetics.

This game is now available for both Android and IOS.

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