Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an improved version of Pokemon Go

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an improved version of Pokemon Go

The gamers have been waiting for the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to launch from the time it was announced. It is a creation of Niantic Labs which developed a hit AR based game Pokemon Go. There was a great hype when Pokemon Go was released as many of the gamers were seen walking on the roads to discover Pokemon. The game, thus, won the hearts of many.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launched early!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an improved version of Pokemon Go

The game has launched a bit early in the US and UK. Several comparisons and similarities were being speculated between both the games from every corner of the world. But as the game is now released, we have got all the details for you in this article.

The plot of the game


Unlike, Pokemon Go, Wizards United is based on a plot. As you keep on playing the game, you discover the whole story. In the game, you will be freeing the foundables by casting spells which were caught due to some disastrous spell: The Calamity. The Wizards Unite tells you the whole story by voice acting. Voice Acting! Indeed sounds amazing.

Similarities in Wizards Unite and Pokemon Go


The basic foundation of Wizards Unite is quite similar to Pokemon Go with a Harry Potter twist in it.

  • Instead of finding collectables as in, Pokemon, you will now be hunting for foundables such as artefacts, cast spells and creatures from the Wizarding world.
  • Just like Pokemon Go, Wizards Unite to uses Augmented reality and Google Maps to discover the hidden items.
  • Pokemon Go’s Gyms are now called Fortresses in the new game.
  • The registry will serve as the catalogue where all your discovered items will be stored. This is what Pokemon Go’s Pokedex used to do for you.
  • Inns will serve the same function of Pokestops where you will gain energy for casting more spells.

Apart from this, you will discover many more similarities when you play the game on your own.

Notable differences between the two games

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an improved version of Pokemon Go

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is even different than its counterpart in many other ways.

  • It can be said to be an improved version of Pokemon Go.
  • The most notable change is that the game provides a sheer amount of content and focuses more on the story.
  • As stated above, you will be discovering the story by the means of voice acting as you progress on levels.

Niantic Labs have themselves created a rival for the Pokemon Go. So, this is all about the most popular game you have been waiting for.

Keep watching this space, as we will get more updates of the game for you.

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