Harry Potter Wizards Unite trailer reveals the trailer date

Wizards Unite trailer reveals the trailer date – June 21

Ever since the release of Harry Potter: wizards unite teaser released, fans are really excited about the game. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is developed by the same developer as the Pokemon Go Niantic studios did. As the Pokemon Go released millions of players joined the server and started playing.

And every month new players join thus, giving a numerous amount of revenue to the developer. Moreover, it’s time for the company to release another big shot and handle the wand. The news arrived in a tweet making the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite trailer a global phenomenon for all the waiting fans.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite trailer reveals more experience than Pokemon Go

The game later released as a beta version in Australia and New Zealand. Along with a teaser that comprised as “calling all wizards”. Under the global release from the company, it is scheduled for June 21. Moreover, the game will be released in the platform, Android and iOS.

The first announcement of the AR game made a shot in late 2017. After that, no other news travelled until the first teaser came into existence.

Wizards Unite trailer reveals the trailer date – June 21

SOURCE: Elite Daily

The game comprises all players to play and prevent the calamities caused by the wizarding worlds. Muggles as the human being from the wizard dictionary will try to save the world with their spells.

As the wizards are getting inside the muggles world and creating havoc among the muggle world. The latest AR game will also allow duel fights where players can cast their spells against each other.

The game isn’t a global release – only for the UK and US

However, the spells can only be applicable for the players around the UK and US region. As the franchise is literally allowing the initial release of the game around this region. Rather than catching pokemon, the game will allow players to challenge and defeat the wizarding world.

Wizards Unite trailer reveals the trailer date – June 21

SOURCE: Games Radar

As per now the Wizards Unite trailer is what we have. No other description from the game is disclosed by the developing company. However, only these two regions are confirmed to get the game. Hopefully, if the region isn’t your place then, you need to wait till the global release.

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