Hay Fever due to massive pollen explosion has swept through UK

Hay Fever due to Pollen Allergy has swept through UK
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If you are suffering from asthma, then you are at great risk of catching hay fever due to massive pollen explosion. The explosion is speculated to continue for a few more days. Also, in various parts of UK, officials have released warnings for high pollen levels this weekend.

The grass season has reached its peak, which is why the pollen allergies have increased. Even the pollen forecast displayed the levels will remain highest for next few days in the UK.

Increase of pollen levels in the UK

Last week, the UK’s temperature crossed 35C. Later on, a perfect pollen storm was created after the rains. Moreover, experts also warned that the storm could become deadly for people suffering from asthma.

According to the reports, more than 6 million Britishers are plagued by headaches, itchy eyes, a constant runny nose, irritating sneezes every year during the summer season. Besides, some even suffer from deadly asthma attacks due to pollen allergies that can cause their life.

Hot air can flare up the asthma symptoms

Every year, around 10 million people suffer from hay fever and it affects more than 80% of people with asthma. According to the Allergy UK, grass pollen is one of the common allergies which affects 90% of individuals.

Studies show that breathing inhaling hot air can cause the airways to narrow, which can lead to shortness of breath and a bad cough. Moreover, there are chances for the number of pollutants to increase due to hot air. Also, the mould in the air can create issues for asthmatic patients.

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