HBO Max from WarnerMedia to compete with Netflix and Hulu


The market of live-streaming services will welcome a new entry soon with HBO Max. The competition has once again gotten more challenging as another opponent steps into the ring with high stakes.

WarnerMedia which is already a well-known face in the film industry is now trying its luck in live-streaming services. However, the WarnerMedia is planning to make its entry grand by collaborating with HBO as HBO Max.

HBO Max is WarnerMedia's new live-streaming service

HBO’s name is supposed to help WarnerMedia
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HBO Max and WarnerMedia

The forthcoming live-streaming services of WarnerMedia appears to be banking its resources on HBO’s name. For the name of this new creation is HBO Max. WarnerMedia is already aware of the competition that is will face from the already established services. Netflix and Hulu are two of its biggest competitors.

Therefore it looks like WarnerMedia is hedging its bet high by using a renowned and well-established name as its backbone. Well played WarnerMedia!! The name of the streaming service was announced along with several reputable programs. The most iconic and wanted amongst them was Friends that will be made available on HBO Max from the upcoming year.

Friends is one of the shows whose rights are pre-owned by WarnerMedia. Netflix was generously provided with its license for several years now. However, it looks like this show will now act as an instrument to teleport users. Fans are bound to migrate to the new services to cater their needs of that show.

HBO Max is WarnerMedia's new live-streaming service

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Shows that will adorn the streaming service

HBO Max is not going to be solely dependent on tentpole programs. It will introduce to its consumer audience a whole wide world of exclusive brand-new shows dubbed as Max Originals. Movies are going to be another beneficial addition to the new live-streaming service.

As the involvement of HBO already indicates, accumulation of HBO’s existing programs on the HBO Max is bound to happen. This little step is going to be a revolutionary one for WarnerMedia.

No comments regarding the pricing system have been made. So let’s wait and see what tack-ticks will be applied there??

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