Heize launches her comeback song “We Don’t Talk Together” with Giriboy

Heize's comeback song "We Don't Talk Together" is a collaboration project

South Korean songwriter cum singer Heize has kept her fans waiting for long. After months of ignorance towards their constant plea for new content Heize finally released them from torment. The famous South Korean singer Heize is back for the year with her new song titled “We Don’t Talk Together”!! Yes, the music video has been officially released.

Heize is back with “We Don’t Talk Together”

Heize's comeback song "We Don't Talk Together" is a collaboration project

Heize and BTS Suga
Source: Elite Daily

Heize just dropped a music video for her fans all around the world. Her latest tract dubbed as “We Don’t Talk Together” is a song in collaboration with Giriboy. Giriboy is famous for featuring as a contestant in Show Me The Money 3.

The singer’s comeback song gets an extra-edge to it because of BTS’s Suga being its producer as well as co-songwriter. Heize is known for her soulful and beautiful voice that sings to people’s heart. This new track of her is just another example of what her voice is capable of.

The song flaunts the impeccable and soulful voice of Heize which gets even more highlighted as it is coupled with Giriboy’s applause-worthy rap.

What the promising song holds for us??

Though the four-minute long song follows an eerie and unique concept, it is successful in evoking the listeners inner-feelings. The emotional storyline that weaves itself in the song undoubtedly captivates the viewers’ emotions.

“We don’t talk together” narrates a heart-wrenching and soul-stirring tale of separation. Two people who seem to have hidden feelings ingrained in their hearts bid adieu to each other. As they bid their farewell without expressing their feelings the song plays in the background. Enthralling all!!!

The song makes people feel like they have died and reached K-Pop heaven. Every-time people thing Heize cannot force them any-further in the abyss of blissfulness, she proves them wrong.

The Korean singer revealed a surreal teaser image that featured her in a marvellous red-dress. The teaser image holds her fascinating the sky as her braided hair falls straight back.

Heize's comeback song "We Don't Talk Together" is a collaboration project

The Teaser image posted by the singer
Source: Monsters and critics

Well, the music video is definitely worth listening. Give it a try here!

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