Hersheypark unveils its 210 feet high hypercoaster Candymonium

Hersheypark unveils its 210 feet high hypercoaster Candymonium

Hersheypark is planning on getting a whole lot sweeter after they announced the inclusion of a new roller coaster called the Candymonium.

Hersheypark: Faster, taller, longer coaster!

A roller coaster with a height of more than 200ft is called a hypercoaster. The roller coaster will have a lift height of 210 feet, a length of 4636 feet and a speed of 76 mph. It is manufactured by Bollinger and Mabillard. This will make the Candymonium the coolest and the best rollercoaster in the entire Hersheypark.

The duration of the entire ride is 2 minutes and 26 seconds and it covers a whopping seven acres. Only guests taller than 54 inches will be allowed on the ride. It has the same height requirements as the Twizzlers.

Hersheypark unveils its 210 feet high hypercoaster Candymonium

This roller coaster will be a part of Hershey’s newest expansion of the Chocolatetown region. According to John Lawn, CEO of the Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company,

We felt the coaster was a key ingredient to the entire Hershey’s Chocolatetown. Our guests constantly ask for more water and more steel. So we brought water, so now we’re back to bringing more steel, The name Candymonium is the perfect combination of sweet and thrilling.

Back in spring, the park introduced visitors to the Reese’s Cupfusion. It is an indoor ride where the guests can play a laser shooting game competing against other players for the higher score.

Anything else coming up?

Chocolatetown is set to add other attractions such as a two-story dining establishment which will include rooftop patio to an ice cream parlour. A flagship Hershey store along with a Starbucks and various food vendors are also in the works. A fountain is also under construction.

The company has already relocated the main entrance, bringing it close to the Chocolate World visitor centre with plans to relocate the Hersheypark Carousel to the premise. All of this is part of the company’s $150 million expansion plan.

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