His Dark Materials holds iconic moments of The Golden Compass

His Dark Materials: Trailers unveils at Comic Con

The San Diego Comic Con of the year brings to its viewers great pleasure and unbound joy. As brand new, forth coming shows debut their trailers, fans are blessed with a sneak-peak moment. One such moment of joy came when the HBO’s and BBC’s His Dark Materials TV series new trailer roared and stole the show on San Diego Comic Con.

His Dark Materials: Trailers unveils at Comic Con

Trailer out
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His Dark Materials: Trailer out!!

The TV series holds iconic moments from The Golden Compass. His Dark Materials, new trailer holds highlights of some of the terrifying moments of Golden compass. Including the one where Lyra’s demon, Pantalaimon gets attacked by a golden monkey. The certain scenes of the facility of the North Pole are also present in the trailer.

The elements are all copy-pasted from the young adult fantasy series of Philip Pullman which is of the same name. The Golden Compass amassed the above mentioned scenes from the series itself. However, this new TV series, His Dark Materials is not just about the old already-previewed stuff.

It can be considered as a new stab to the renowned trilogy. His Dark Materials features Daphne Keene as Lyra Belacqua, the lead character, while Ruth Wilson is appointed to play the role of the sinister Mrs. Coulter. Lord Asriel’s character is shouldered by James McAvory and Lin-Manuel Miranda acts as Lee Scoresby.

His Dark Materials: Trailers unveils at Comic Con

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Comic Con unveils inside secrets of the film!!

Lin-Manuel Miranda or Lee Scoresby revealed some interesting facts about shooting His Dark Materials on San Diego Comic-Com. As informed by her, puppets were employed to play the roles of demons on-set of His Dark Materials. Helping actors in maintaining a constant eye-contact as well as forcing them to stay in the moment.

One of the main biggest favor His Dark Materials does is to expand the character of Mrs. Coulter’s. A gift that The Golden Compass did not present to the evil character. It even answers the question why the demon of Mrs. Coulter is a monkey.

So if you want to unveil these mind-throbbing questions then do watch the movie.

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