Microsoft Holoportation Demos Mixed Reality, the Future is Here

holoportation from Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios

Microsoft is currently toiling hard to bring new advancements in technology. Now, their new demo on Holoportation has caught the attention of people. The team recorded this demo at their Mixed Reality Capture Studios.

Holoportation is the technology of the future and Microsoft doing this proves that the future is here.

Holoportation Demo at Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios

The demo shows a 3D hologram of Julia White, Microsoft’s corporate VP. The 3D hologram is captured using volumetric video. The demo shows the scenario of an address that she would deliver in Tokyo in the Japanese language. That too, without investing in time or travel to deliver the keynote.

To do this, Microsoft translated her voice recording to Japanese. For a pretty good synchronization, they applied an AI technology-neutral text-to-speech. What made it more interesting was that the hologram wore the same clothes as Julia and possessed the same body motions as well.

Another instance of Holoportation

For a better understanding, let’s take another instance of this technology. Microsoft has explained this in another video. This video shows that holoportation is mobile. Thus, holoportation can take you anywhere even if you are not at your home.

In this video, the Microsoft team has packed holoportation in a standard-sized SUV. This way the man can even greet and meet people while travelling. And, what’s more amazing is that you can be present at the place without actually going there.


The biggest advantage of this technology is it can prove to be a great hand in business communications. You can have all your meetings packed with you in this technology.

You can take it to your office cubicle and your home office as well. This way you can cut the travel expenses. All you need to do is sit in one place, wear your hololens and travel the world.

Holoportation: Microsoft's Demo showcases the skill in Mixed Reality

Thus, holoportation will benefit businesses. And more advantages of technology are yet to come.

For more updates on the latest technologies, keep watching this space!

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