Home Alone Reboot and Diary of a Wimpy Kid Reboot coming to Disney+

Disney is remaking a Home Alone reboot. Source: Entertainment Weekly

Our favorite Childhood film Home Alone reboot is now coming to Disney+. Yes, you read it right ya filthy animal! After hearing this news, nineties kids are gonna scream!

Home Alone reboot is in works

Disney is remaking the 1990 film for its new streaming service Disney+. The company is setting a trend of remaking their old hit movies which includes Home Alone.

However, it is not the only film which will have a comeback. Disney CEO Bob Iger recently announced that Cheaper by the Dozen and Diary of a Wimpy Kid are also getting a remake treatment. According to sources, the 1990s classic Christmas film is about to get a new touch of today’s generation.

Home Alone reboot is coming to Disney+

Macaulay Culkin plays as Kevin McCallister in original Home Alone.
Source: Screen Rant

Moreover, Iger stated that the will be reimagining the film for a new generation. Besides, these films won’t be the continuation of the original franchise. The original film centered around an 8-year-old Kevin McCallister played by Macaulay Culkin.

Who will be in the reboot?

We haven’t heard any word yet from the creators whether it will be a movie or a series. Also, they haven’t officially revealed when the reboot would go into development. Iger also didn’t reveal what these new remake films will look like!

As of now, no release date or cast has been confirmed for the film yet. Besides, the last Home Alone film last premiered back in 2012. Apart from that, Disney is also rebooting another fan-favorite film called Night at the Museum for its streaming service.

We have a strong feeling that Home alone reboot will happen soon. Additionally, Disney+ will launch on November 12, 2019. Additionally, by the end of the first year of launch, the streaming service will be home to more than 400 films and more than 7,500 episodes.

So get ready for another troublemaker Home Alone Reboot.

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