How The Web Uses ‘Dark Patterns’ to Trick You Into Buying Things You Don’t Want

Shopping sites manipulate people into buying things they do not need.

The Internet has some “dark patterns” to lure the customers into buying something which they really don’t want. A new study reveals that numerous online shopping sites are using some weird ways to trick people into spending a huge amount of money on unwanted stuff.

How does Gunes Acar plan to stop the web from manipulating you?

Gunes Acar, a research associate at Princeton stated that such dark patterns are manipulating people to make decisions for themselves. According to the sources, Gunes has helped to run the study in this serious matter.

There are some ads that give certain time limits, stating that only a few hours are left for the sale to end. Moreover, this sense of urgency makes us buy things which we never use. Besides, various e-commerce sites secretly work with third-party vendors to create manipulative techniques.

Acar and his crew have developed a tool that gained information about more than 10,000 e-commerce sites. Eventually, they discovered that more than 1,200 sites use “dark pattern” techniques to pressurize the people into buying useless items.

Is there any way for the customers to cancel the order after purchasing?

Some websites use these patterns for their own selfish motives. They want their customers to spend more time on their sites. Also, they studied that these shopping websites use 15 methods to manipulate customers.

After purchasing an item, they also make it difficult for them to cancel the order. Apart from that, they sham their customers authoring fake testimonials if they ever try to leave. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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