How to Delete Your Netflix Viewing History?


Many of us share our Netflix account with family or friends. And there are times we watch something ‘not good’, stuffs that our friends or family won’t approve of. We wish to keep it a secret.

But how? If you are sharing your account with family or friends, and you don’t want to expose your viewing history, or you don’t want Netflix’s recommendations based on what you have secretly viewed- here’s how to delete your Netflix viewing history.

The steps for deleting your Netflix viewing history is quite simple.  Here are the four simple steps to delete your Netflix viewing history:

Step 1: Login to your Netflix account

How to Delete Your Netflix Viewing History

First, log in to your Netflix account, using any browser. Viewing history is specific to your profile. Make sure you choose the right profile.

Step 2: Click on ‘Your Account’

Just click on the drop-down menu in the right corner. And select ‘Your Account’. (Refer the image below)

Step 3:  Click on Viewing Activity

Next, navigate to My Profile, and click on Viewing activity. It will result in showing everything you’ve watched.

Step 4: Click on the cross sign.

Whichever viewing history you want to delete, click on X (Cross sign).

When you click X, the entry will be removed from history.

(Note: It may take up to 24 hours for the change to take effect, though.)

How to Delete Your Netflix Viewing History

Also, note that for a movie there will be a single entry. But if you have seen a series, then there will be multiple entries, for each episode. So you will have to carefully delete each entry for each episode.

Want to delete the entire Netflix viewing history?

How to Delete Your Netflix Viewing History

The only way to delete the entire Netflix viewing history is just to delete your profile entirely and start fresh! To do this, head to Netflix and log in, then instead of selecting a profile, choose to Manage Profiles below. And as shown in the picture above, click on ‘Delete Profile’.

It’s that simple! Happy Netflixing!

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