How to reinstall ‘Fortnite’ on your iPhone and other Apple iOS Device


As the epic games are embroiled in a legal throwdown with Apple, the App Store recently erased ‘Fortnite’. However, you can reinstall the same on an iOS device of your choice. Here’s how.

If you have never downloaded ‘Fortnite’, you may be out of luck due to the aforesaid drama. Listings on eBay are hawking iPhones for more than $10,000 with the game installed in it. Those who have already installed the game can install updated files and play the royal battle game until the launch of the next big patch.

Even though Apple has removed the game from the App Store, it cannot remove it from your device. But we never know if they are currently working on it as well. those who removed or offloaded the game after downloading it in the past may reinstall it again in these simple steps.

Open the App Store and go to ‘My Purchases’ section. Click on your avatar in the top right hand of the main screens. Then tap on ‘purchased’ option and then ‘My Purchases’ section. You will find the app directory of your iOS apps that you have downloaded.

Then seach ‘Fortnite’ and the app will show up. Tap on the cloud icon and the download process will begin. As the app already exists on the mobile, you can retrieve it from the Epic Games servers. However, you will have to download the 10 Gb app files collection.

This process will allow you to access the app from your home screen and play after it is updated.

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