How to watch One Piece anime online? How many Seasons and Episodes are there?


One Piece anime is one of the best and longest anime series that has been running successfully for the past 23 years. It is the best time to start watching One Piece as the anime has over 900 episodes which can prove a challenge even for the hardest binge-watchers. Although, most of the world is under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes it the perfect time to watch One Piece anime.

Monkey D. Luffy and his band of straw hats pirates are on an adventure to find the biggest treasure called One Piece, which will change the fate of their world. There are so many seasons, amazing arcs and plenty of One Piece episodes to pass your time in the Coronavirus quarantine. Here are the best ways to watch One Piece anime online and stream the series legally for free.

One Piece Anime Stream Online Free and Legal Methods

One Piece Anime Stream Online Free and Legal Methods 

One Piece anime online availability differs from region to region, and here are the best methods to stream the episodes that will be useful for almost any country.

Viz website: It is the official website for the manga series which also streams One Piece anime episodes in Japanese with English subtitles. There are around 700 episodes of One Piece on Viz and honestly, subs are way better than dubs.

Crunchyroll: It has various apps and websites which can be used in your mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc to stream One Piece and several other anime series for free with a few commercials.

Funimation: The service has around 13 seasons of One Piece and other TV specials in both the languages.

One Piece official website: While the official website is not the best method, it has several One Piece episodes that you can watch for free.

Hulu: It is a major streaming service that contains one of the largest libraries of TV shows and movies. You can access the entire Hulu catalog at just $5.99 and stream One Piece episodes in your desired medium. Hulu also offers a free trial which will be enough for you to catch the major part of One Piece anime series.

Amazon Prime Video, Apple iTunes Store, and Microsoft Movies & TV also offer One Piece anime digital copies that you can save offline and watch whenever you want.  

Total One Piece Seasons-Episodes and Best Watch Order

Total One Piece Seasons-Episodes and Best Watch Order 

One Piece TV series has till now released 929 episodes and the count is still increasing every week. In terms of season, there are currently 20 seasons of One Piece but the format is a bit different. There are no fixed number of episodes in every One Piece season and instead, the anime is divided based on the story arcs.

While many fans watch One Piece arc wise, it will be best to start One Piece episode-wise, there are several fillers, which you can skip through. It would be the best order to watch One Piece anime and fans can connect to the character development and story progress.

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