Hunger Games will have a prequel which is set for 2020

Hunger Games will have a prequel which is set for 2020

The huge fan following novel along with movie sequels created greater havoc. And now fans waiting for such news can relate the eager to get something new. So, the wait is over as the hunger games fans can make a return trip to Panem. Few days before the author of Hunger Games made an announcement about its latest sequel of the novel. However, Hunger games prequel with an untitled name is set to launch on May 19, 2020.

Hunger Games novel is based 64 years before the failed war

Suzanne Collins, author of the hunger games novels will make a theme based during the failed war in Panem. She also announced a major point that she needs to examine the nature of human beings. Also, what kind of state does a person needs to survive or what needs to perceive.

Moreover, it will be unrealistic to see Katniss in the story as fans won’t have been born to experience the era of the book. During the press meet, they declined further details of the prequel.

Hunger Games will have a prequel which is set for 2020

SOURCE: Los Angeles Times

As Suzanne is a brilliant writer along with the extraordinary talent to combine story and present them. The publishing company also commented, about the writer as well as they are thrilled about the response from fans. There is an extremely new genre for the readers to get a new audience for a classic novel.

A movie based on the latest prequel book is also considered

The Hunger Games novels are also turned to movies with four series movies. Great news that the latest prequel will also be made into a movie as soon as the novel launches. Lionsgate production contacted with Suzanne for the film during the writing process. Moreover, the production house commented about being a die-hard fan, while they are waiting for the book to release.

Hunger Games will have a prequel which is set for 2020

SOURCE: Time Magazine

The original book series written by Collins is sold with more than 100 million copies worldwide. In addition, the book series as “The Hunger Games”, second as “Catching fire” and latest release “Mocking Jay” is translated to more than 50 other languages. However, in 2013 she made some tease about writing a book but didn’t confirm whether it’s related to Hunger Games.

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