Hunter x Hunter season 4 release date progress so far

Hunter x Hunter season 4 release date

Hunter x Hunter season 4 release date is much speculated as the series is currently running as a fan favourite manga. It still has a huge potential to develop as there are only a few mangas which fall under this category. Yoshihiro Togashi, the illustrator and writer of the manga, is currently facing a serious back problem which has slowed down the Hunter x Hunter season 4 release date altogether.

The inability of Togashi to work efficiently has a direct relation to fans waiting for a long time for the series to continue. Yoshihiro only writes 10 manga chapter per year due to the problem. Thus, on average fans get two chapters per month. However, HxH’s fans are used to waiting and are in full support of Togashi.

Hunter x Hunter season 4 release date updates

The Hunter x Hunter season 4 is set to release on Netflix, as the previous three seasons are also present there for viewing. Fans have already waited for a long time and are growing impatient. Moreover, it is highly probable that season 4 would air in 2019 itself and would hold a release date of November-December.

Hunter x Hunter season 4 release date

It is already known that the anime will have five seasons in total and holds 148 episodes. Thus, obvious calculations show us that many episodes are still remaining to air. However, there is no news regarding as to where the season is headed or when it will release. All these are fan-speculations.

The last episode of ‘Election’ arc was Past × And × Future, notice that most of the episodes have an ‘x’ in between the title. This showcases the reference the Manga (Hunter x Hunter) itself. The last episode is a bit emotional, as it shows the interaction between Gon and Ging. The English air-date of this episode was on 22nd June 2019.

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