Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date; Writer Yoshihiro Togashi Unwell; And Where To Watch English Dubs

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter was one of the most popular and iconic Anime Series based on Manga in the ’90s. This Manga Series was first launched in 1999. And then in 2011 which ended in the Year 2014 after running for six seasons. After 6 long seasons, the demand for Season 7 is crazy. English Version of this Hunter X Hunter Anime Series was launched in 2016.

hunter x hunter

This is very unfortunate for the fans that there is minimal chance of release of the new season. There has been no update from Madhouse on renewing HXH Season 7 as they are busy with other projects. They have released many Anime Series last year.

Release Date

Season 7 Release Date is in 2021 or the end of 2020. However, we don’t know the exact time. The writer, Yoshihiro Togashi, said that he has 10 chapters ready, but he didn’t mention the exact time. Hence, there is no such confirmation about the Season 7 Release Date in 2020 yet. Hopefully, HXH Season 7 Release Date will be announced soon.

October 2, 2011 was the first time when we watched the Season 1, then the Manga continued until 2014. Then the writer stopped because he was sick. But now, the problem is that he is still sick. And he is afraid of dying before finishing the manga. Until he is sick we won’t get to see anything. But Togashi actually want to finish it, he said:

“This comes to a point where either, one the story concludes first, or second I die before that happens.”

This could have a psychological effect on the writer. But fans are still hoping to see at least one season.

hunter x hunter

Where to Watch Hunter x Hunter English Dub?

You can watch the English dubbed version of Hunter X Hunter manga on various platforms starting from NetflixAdult SwimCrunchyroll, and Viz Media (Official Licensor) as well.

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