IKEA smart blinds is a true technological step for home décor

IKEA smart blinds is a true technological step for home décor

IKEA, the multi-company for furniture making conglomerate is launching new products. The franchise released furniture that can be controlled via smartphones. These new real-time products are known as Fyrtur and Kadrilj which are fixed to available in the US from 1st October. Taking help from technology these are known as IKEA smart blinds. It is expected that when the products hit the showrooms they can be availed with lesser price as of now.

IKEA smart blinds is a true technological step for home décor

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IKEA smart blinds offer two products Kidrilj and Fyrtur

However, these two products are custom designed shades for windows and doors. Firstly, Kidrilj is less expensive than Fyrtur which costs around 113 and 136 US dollars. Kidrilj allows a little amount of light to pass whereas Fyrtur allows no light giving a blackout scenery.

The true technology used by IKEA allows wireless connection using smartphones and even remote. IKEA products use a motor run by a battery that lowers and raises the shades at times. However, it also needs repeater which is included with the shades.

IKEA even developed an app which can be used for both the products launched. Although, the app is available for download in both the Apple store as well as Play Store. In addition, it can be used as a voice control because of both the platform support voice assistant. Therefore, IKEA smart blinds also support Amazon Alexa as it can be used for voice assistant using Amazon Echo.

IKEA smart blinds is a true technological step for home décor

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Home décor appears to be more technical and ease

Even more advanced functions carry with the IKEA app. It allows customers to set timers using the application. Hence, it won’t be a trouble for people to always drain up and down. While setting the timer will automatically make the shade raise or low at the prescribed time.

Previously, the Franchise introduced the home app for its custom made wireless bulbs. This advanced bulb allows the users not to worry about switching it on and off. However, the bulbs need to recharge their batteries to continue to glow.

Just to end, IKEA smart blind is a truly innovative step for coming age home decors. Moreover, it always makes innovative steps in making luxuries life more comfortable. But, due to its launch price being heftier, people tend to wait until it appears in showrooms.

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