Independence day Google search Easter egg offers a bang for 4th of July

Independence day
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This Independence Day, Google search has planned a surprise for all. Only one day is left and people are all set to welcome the 4th of July. Take out your laptop now and check out the google search page. You will surely be amazed when a mini-fireworks show is displayed with the search giant rings in Independence Day.

People are talking about the changes in the Google search page on Twitter. Independence Day is just around the corner and Google has surprised the Google users.

Top 5 Google Easter Eggs from google

Google search engine fireworks

Whenever a user types query words related to Independence Day like fireworks near me, fireworks or Fourth of July, then your google page will set off colourful fireworks on your laptop screens. Moreover, it will also work on Google apps on your phone on the search results page.

Also, the Google search engine offers the same mini fireworks show when a user types Spanish terms like fuegos artificial or cuatro de julio. However, Google has planted multiple Easter eggs in its search results in the past.

Google Easter Egg from google

Google’s Easter eggs surprise in 2019

In April 2019, during the release of Avengers: Endgame, Google did something spectacular to entertain their fans. While searching for a simple Google query for the film, users were surprised to see Thanos appear on the screen.

Google’s Cool ENDGAME Easter Egg!!! from Damnthatsinteresting

By snapping his fingers, he wipes away the half of the search results just like he wiped away half of the universe. Also, Google has marked the month of June as Lesbian and Gay Pride month. Recently, the right side of the search bar added a rainbow when the user searches for lesbian, gay or transgender.

Hats off to the graphic designers who never leave a chance to bring a smile on the user’s face.

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