India Banned Over 50 Chinese Apps, Including TikTok


On Monday, India started to ban 59 apps with Chinese links. Source cited  that it is an “emergent threat” to the country’s sovereignty and national security.

Some popular mobile apps are enlisted in the new policy, including TikTok, CamScanner, and UCBrowser. Combining all the users, there are several hundred million users in the country. TikTok, UCBrowser, and ShareIt also have significant revenue and employees on their payrolls across India. See the list of the banned apps below!

TikTok and Helo

Bytedance (India) Technology Pvt Ltd operates these two social media apps. Together, the platforms have more than 170 million active users. Overall, India is the largest market for TikTok with more than 611 million downloads. This number represents a third of the worldwide download, followed by China (the apps’ country of origin) and the United States.

Despite being a country with the highest download number, India is not among the top revenue-generating countries. During 2018 to 2019, as the first full year of the company’s operation, the company profited Rs 43.6 crore. The company later targeted revenues of Rs 100 crore for the following year. The largest profit comes from china, contributed around Rs 2,500 crore, followed by the US with over RS 650 crore in that year.

People are expecting IT Ministry to seek details for data sharing poly from these companies under a Chinse law. Some suggest that there might be a law that requires companies of Chinese origin to share data with that country’s intelligence agencies. This policy should be applicable worldwide, independent from the operating country.

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