Indiana Jones to end with Harrison Ford

Indiana Jones Dies with Harrison Ford

Indiana Jones dies with Harrison Ford that’s what the actor wishes. There are some stories which are always in our minds, due to various reasons. Some of them are stuck there because of the dynamic actors and actresses who gave life to those characters.

Wishing the one and only #IndianaJones, Harrison Ford, a Happy Birthday!

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They nurtured them like their babies and polished them so they could reflect a shine in the eyes of their fans! One such character is Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford fits like a pearl in the oyster.

We cannot imagine someone else doing it if not him. It isn’t just we who can’t, Harrison Ford himself cannot imagine anyone else doing it too.

Indiana Jones Dies with Harrison Ford

The first movie of the franchise.

Indiana Jones coming to life

Let’s brush up Indiana Jones and how he came to life through Ford. Harrison Ford moulded Indiana Jones in 1981 in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The movie and the character were instantly in the hearts of people and didn’t move from there. After Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones franchise didn’t look back.

Indiana Jones Dies with Harrison Ford

Ain’t no one gonna play Indiana Jones but me
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Harrison Ford does not want to be replaced

A lot of actors aspire to play the role of Indiana Jones but Harrison’s umbilical cord is attached to the character and he won’t let someone else cut it. Harrison Ford was asked that which actor would take over Indiana Jones after he goes down.

To this, the grumpy actor jokingly replied: “Nobody is going to be Indiana Jones, don’t you get it?” This shows that Jones isn’t just a character but an emotion to Harrison Ford.

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He also said: “I’m Indiana Jones When I’m gone, he’s gone, it’s easy!”. Recently, the news of Chris Pine taking over the character was in the air and Harrison breathed it too. He delivered informal apologies which hid the insecurity of Chris Pine doing the character.

Derp-iana Jones from indianajones

“This is a hell of a way to tell Chris Pine this, but I’m a sorry man”,

this sounds like an affirmation that Indiana Jones remains with Harrison at least according to him. Though, Steven Speilberg has something else in his mind.

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