Instagram Update: Ads will now appear in your Explore Feed

Instagram soon to start injecting ads soon.
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Advertisers will now get a great opportunity to feature their goods and services through Instagram ads. These days, almost every social media contains ads. Besides, Instagram is one of the most popular apps. Plus, featuring apps will become a good platform for small and big advertisers.

Instagram introduces ads

From changing its logo to adding cool new features, the app has gained the number one spot in the favourite app category. Recently, it has also introduced ads which have become a great opportunity for online advertisers.

Moreover, the ads will be featured in the ‘explore’ tab of the app. Whenever a user taps on the on a post which appears on their Explore feed and scrolls down to check more similar post, then they may see few ads.

Mastering Instagram ads? from Instagram

These ads are just like the ads which appear on your feed. Recently, an Instagram post stated that it would be a great opportunity for advertisers to reach new audiences.

Details about the Instagram Ads

During the announcement, Instagram also stated that up to 50% of users use the Explore section on a monthly basis. Also, 80% of users follow at least one advertising company or business from their accounts.

Now, from shopping to discovering the latest trends, or catching up new stories, people will be able to connect to a new brand through advertisements. They will deliver highly-personalized ads daily to more than millions of users.

Instagram becoming an ad app 🙄 from socialmedia

Users will be able to control the ads by changing the device settings which will help the app to feature more relevant ads.

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