Instagram personal data is at stake, know you privacy settings

Instagram personal data is at stake

Instagram personal data is at stake and users are quite furious about it. Don’t you love scrolling for hours on Instagram, and then switching to Facebook? Imagine this now, you start getting spam emails from some 18+ site and you have no idea why that’s happening.

Your phone number is used for some theft or a call, you’re email has been hacked. Whoa whoa, stop with those panic attacks. This hasn’t happened for real yet, but it could happen.

Instagram personal data is at stake

Data leaked wasn’t accessed.
Source- The Verge

Instagram breach

Recently, the personal data of approximately 50 million Instagram users were found in an unprotected database. The personal details contain their email addresses and their phone numbers. It also has pictures which are public. Now, the question arises of who did this and why. We haven’t found the why part though but surely the who.

It includes the details of some Instagram influencers, celebrities, famous brands and much more. Along with the user names, the data consists of other personal details and pictures with each progressing entry.

Instagram personal data is at stake

Instagram data has been leaked.
Source- WikiHow

How did this take place?

Facebook, the parent company of Instagram faced similar allegations. So, like father like son. The Instagram database was stored to an Amazon server without passwords and was traced to a social media marketing firm in Mumbai named Chtrbox.

Though there is nothing to worry now as the database has been taken offline, on interviewing the Chtrbox, they said that the BBC reports were inaccurate and the data was exposed only for a few hours.

Moreover, they said that the data was self-reported and not stolen. An Instagram spokesperson said that private emails and phone numbers were obtained was from the information posted on Instagram on their personal accounts. The database found on Chtrbox was from various other sites. The details extracted through Instagram were not accessed though.

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