Instagram went down for almost an hour on Thursday

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Instagram has become more of an addiction than just a time pass. Umpteen people spend a major part of their time in scrolling through their feeds and uploading photographs. Telling anyone they could lay their hands on in that virtual world about their current situation.

Instagram went down for almost an hour on Thursday

Instagram was down!!
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Instagram went down on Thursday

So when Instagram went down on Thursday, for some people the world actually stopped. They no longer belonged to that Earth which revolves around the Sun, for Instagram was not a part of it anymore. Instagram stopped working on Thursday afternoon leaving people to wonder about how they could pass their time.

The app showed an error page reading “couldn’t refresh feed” when people tried to upload normal posts. Not only the mobile phones based app went down but the whole of Instagram faced this kink. When users tried to load their Instagram profiles on web Facebook-branded error messages were displayed.


Instagram went down for almost an hour on Thursday

Facebook branded error message
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The Facebook-branded error messages read “ Sorry, something went wrong, we’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.” They was no way out of this problem for the users. Trying different accounts as well as shutting the app didn’t help.

The outage was wide spread

The wide scale outage suggests that the problem was either in Instagram’s servers it was an infrastructure malfunction. However, the problem has been solved and Instagram is back up and running like ever before.

Instagram was down for more than an hour causing a great amount of distress for people. Instagram’s spokesperson later said

“Earlier today, a technical issue caused some people to have trouble accessing their Instagram accounts, We are now fully recovered and apologize for the inconvenience.”

The Down Detector reported more than 38,000 reports at around 3 pm which escalated to 57,000 by 3:40 pm. Down Detectors live outage map showed that the calamity was wide spread throughout the world. Affecting North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe as well as Asia.

Instagram acknowledged the outage through Twitter at 3:41 pm stating the fact that they are working to solve the problem. For as long as Instagram was down it’s users flooded twitter with innumerable tweets and memes.

Some openly saying that they do not know how to pass their time now!! Some even started using Twitter just to make sure that it was Instagram that went down and not their private wifi connections.

Well, now Instagram is back up and running so people’s anger and anxiety has eventually subsided.

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