International Cat Day 2019: Having a cat can improve your health, know how

International Cat Day
Celebrate Cats Day with your furry friends! Source: Medium

International Cat Day is a very special day for our feline friends. Our furry mates are full of personality and have various wacky sleeping spots. Correct me if I am wrong! They strictly follow the If I Fits, I Sits rule everywhere!

International Cat Day

August 8 is the International Cat Day for showering unconditional love to our pet cats who hold a special place in our hearts. We are here to share numerous health benefits of having furry pets! So let’s get started!

International Cat Day.
Source: Unsplash

Studies reveal that cats can improve mental health

Believe it or not, Petting a cat or cuddling them has a calming effect. Studies show that their cute meows and fuzzy faces can make our day! Their warm cuddles can improve mental health and decrease your stress.

Don’t believe us? Studies revealed that around six hundred people were given cats to keep them as pets, 87% of owners revealed that they had a positive impact. Besides, 76% of owners admitted they cats can relieve stress!

Affectionate interaction of cats can help kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Studies revealed that cats could help kids with Autism. Parents have noticed that they have seen an improvement in the kids who have feline friends as their pets. Families have also reported that their children with this disorder have a strong bonding with these furry animals.

Cat purrs help to heal bones, muscles as well as tendons problems

Nothing is more comforting than hearing the cat’s purrs! If you already own a can, then you know what we are talking about. When your cat is happy and contented, they produce comforting sounds which are between the frequency of 25 and 140 Hz. It is extremely soothing for humans.

These sounds help in therapeutic healing ability in muscles and bones. It can also help in mobility of joints, pain relief, wound healing, swelling reduction as well as tendon repair.

Cats can reduce the chances of allergies in children

Researchers have studied that cats and dogs increase the immune system of newborns. It helps them to fight against any respiratory diseases or any other sickness in urban environments.

Cats can reduce the risk of heart disease

Last but not least, cats are stress busters, and thus, they lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Besides, people who own cats are at a lower risk of getting numerous heart disease by 30%.

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