iPad Pro iOS 13 Update: 5 Features That Apple Fans Want

Apple iPad Pro iOS 13 Update

Apple is going to release its iPad Pro iOS 13 update on around September 2019. The Apple users are all excited about the new update. They have different opinions and perspectives about the new features that it must include. The new features that the users demand for do not redesign the existing model.

But, these features would add up to the functionalities of the device. Check out the video.

Here are some of the expected features of iPad Pro iOS 13 update:

Multiple Windows Support

The iPad users demand that every app in it must allow at least two windows to run at the same time. This would give a level up performance to the already existing feature that Apple has provided.

New Home-Screen

A new home-screen is one of the added features that users expect in the update. This feature was supposed to be added in the iOS 12 itself. But, since Apple stick to its focus on the performance and stable behavior of the system the plan was not executed. But for now, the users are expecting for interface changes.

iPad Pro iOS 13 Update

Improvement in file management: The most awaited update

iPad users are expecting changes in  the files app. They want that the system must be able to read/write files through a connection from Lightning port. The older version is not compatible as it has a USB-C port. It is one of the most important and common features that Apple users demand for.

Dark Mode for iOS 13 update for iPad Pro

This update was expected from several years. The users now believe that iPad Pro iOS 13 update will definitely have it. This feature will allow the users to view and use apps easily at night. It would also compliment the existing color schemes in the system.

An update in camera app: The exciting iPad Pro iOS 13 update

Users say that the camera app that Apple provides is of very basic level. It needs some sprinkles in its advanced tools. They are demanding for allowance to change the resolutions from within the camera app itself. By this, they would not have to go to the settings men for the same.

So let us just wait and watch, what iPad Pro iOS 13 update has for iPad users. Does it fulfill all the expectation of the people or they still have to wait?

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