Iron Man Suit was not fictional- An Iron Man suit exists that can fly!


Yes, you read it right! An iron man suit actually exists that can fly. Remember getting goosebumps while sitting on your couch and watching Tony Stark doing exceptional things and wondering on becoming Iron Man? Alas! we couldn’t reach there but someone with an extraordinary mind has proved that it was not fictional.

Tony Stark was not fictional- An iron man suit exists that can fly!

The man behind turning fiction into reality

Tony Stark was not fictional- An iron man suit exists that can fly!

Adam Savage, the former ‘Mythbusters’ has brought the idea of Iron Man in the real-life. He has created the first IM suit which can even fly. Many attempts of creating the Iron Man suit previously have been in vain. But Adam believed in ‘Try, Try and Ever Succeed’ and reached the level of success.

The Savage Builds’ first episode shows the building of Iron Man Suit


Adam has now returned to the Discovery channel with another show: Savage Builds which is about Savage building some exceptional things and making them exist in real life. In the first episode, he builds a real, flying IM suit which is even bulletproof. Savage Builds will run for eight episodes.

Facts about making of Real Iron Man Suit


  • To build the IM suit, savage 3D printed an entire suit Mark II armour with titanium.
  • After assembling, he takes several shots at it to inspect how well does it hold.
  • He took a hand from Gravity Industries’ Richard Browning to make the suit fly. Richard is known for designing and flying his own jetpack.

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