Is it Safe to go Shop at Walmart during Coronavirus Pandemic?


Coronavirus lockdown has closed down most of the things and people are running out of essential items. It is why people going shopping at Walmart has increased but there is also the safety concern. It could become a coronavirus hotspot and people could be infected with the virus while they shop at Walmart. Everyone is wondering whether is it safe to shop at Walmart during the Coronavirus pandemic? Here is how Walmart has responded to the COVID-19 situation and what safety tips you should follow from your side to avoid any infection.

How is Walmart responding to COVID-19?

How is Walmart responding to COVID-19

Walmart has taken strict action to make sure people enjoy a safer shopping experience. It is the biggest challenge for a retail store as big as Walmart to maintain the supplies and also avoid the spread of COVID-19 infection. It is the main reason why Walmart has reduced the store timings from 7 am to 9:30 pm, instead of 24 hours open stores as earlier. The remaining time is used to clean and sanitize the stores, carts and restock the supplies.

Every employer is checked in the morning for coronavirus before they enter Walmart to make sure none of them spreads infection. There are also other measures such as grocery pickup and easy checkouts. Walmart stores are maintaining strict social distancing guidelines, limiting the number of customers at a time and make sure the shoppers are safe from COVID-19. Along with that, there are special timings for old age shoppers and healthcare workers at Walmart so they can shop safe.

Safety Tips for Shopping at Walmart

Safety Tips for Shopping at Walmart 

Walmart is trying everything in its capacity to make sure you are safe from Coronavirus infection, but you have to support it from your side too. It works both ways where a shopper also has to follow certain safety protocols to avoid getting infected with COVID-19. Here are a few safety tips you should follow to make sure your shopping at Walmart is safe and secure.

  • Make sure you are wearing a face mast and hand-gloves while you go shopping at Walmart.
  • Maintain social distancing, stay at least 1 meter away from other people and don’t take useless people with you.
  • Have a list of groceries ready so that you don’t waste much time in the Walmart stores.
  • Use online payment if possible as cash notes have risks of spreading COVID-19 infection.
  • Once you return home after shopping from Walmart, wash your hands properly, wash the clothes you are wearing.
  • Put aside whatever groceries you have brought and don’t it touch it for minimum one day, and wash everything is possible.

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