Is Riot games secretly developing a fighting game?

Is Riot games secretly developing a fighting game?

Good news for all the Riot Games fans, as they are developing a new fighting game. “League of Legends” a famous hit from the same franchise. The news came through an event’s co-founder of the EVO 2019, Tom Cannon.

Cannon also works with Riot so his confirmation is true about a fighting game. Previously, when Cannon joined Riot in 2016, the team went into a hole. It means that they really need to look forward to something and kept it as a secret.

Riot Games acquired Radiant back in 2016

Back in time, Riot acquired Radiant Entertainment which was run by Cannon and his brother Tony. However, the franchise at that time was working on a game known as “Rising Thunder”.

The game follows some giant robots making moves against each other. Most importantly, it carries a simple movable input approach, not like other console games.

Is Riot games secretly developing a fighting game?

“Rising Thunder” shutdowns after the studio is sold
Credits: Kotaku

The suggestion to get a fighting game is a way back of idea from 2016. They believe that fighting game is a one-way genre that everyone likes. For now, the developers didn’t approve about this upcoming game. There are no teasers or posters about the game. Fortunately, everyone knows that the game will come under Riot Games and it will definitely be the best.

The fighting game is still under rumours

Riot’s working on an unnamed fighting game is making a fuss all around. And we even don’t have any idea whether it’s linked to League of legends. The Riot Games previously made some changes for LoL into team-fight tactics. An innovative model for the game which acts as an auto battler. Therefore, there are chances that the franchise is secretly making a fighting game.

Is Riot games secretly developing a fighting game?

Riot Games is also the developer of popular League of Legends
Credits: Wccftech

The EVO event is more likely a place to drop fighting games. Super Smash Bros, Melee and even Street Fighter 5 all were a part of EVO event. Hence, we can have some faith from Riot Games to give a new fighting game.

Moreover, a trailer or just a theme of the upcoming project. The EVO 2019 championship will start from August 2 and end on August 4 at Las Vegas.

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