Israel Moon Landing fails as Lunar Lander crashes[Video]

Israel Moon Landing fails as Lunar Lander crashes

On Thursday, the lunar lander named Beresheet crashed into the surface of the moon. It was created by Israeli space nonprofit SpaceIL. It was on its way to land safely on the surface of the moon.

What was the lunar lander carrying?

As per the sources, the lunar lander was carrying a backup copy of Wikipedia. It had a high-tech disc containing 25,000 books. It had all the information to learn all the Earthly languages. The pages of the books were more than 30 million.

Israel Moon Landing fails as Lunar Lander crashes

Once it reached, the lander was supposed to sit for billion years on the moon. According to CNET, the scientists took this step to preserve humanity’s history and knowledge for long after everyone is gone.

Final Approach

Unfortunately, they couldn’t succeed. The lander would have been the first privately-owned object to land on the moon by Israel. The country would’ve become the fourth country to land its lander on the surface of the moon.

Israel Moon Landing fails as Lunar Lander crashes

As it was on its way, the aircraft experienced failure in its final approach. There was no choice for the craft other than resetting the engine. The main engine failed and it collapsed.

Opher Doron is a general manager Aerospace Industries. He stated in a live stream that there was a failure in the craft and they couldn’t land it successfully.

According to the live stream, the spacecraft had to travel only 10 kilometres left to go (6.2 miles). As the main engine failed, it crashed and travelled about 134 meters on the moon. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that they have failed during their first try. They will soon make a new lunar lander within a year or two and complete their mission.

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