IT: Chapter Two Trailer Debuts at San Diego Comic-Con

IT Chapter Two
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IT: Chapter Two has planned something big for horror movie lovers. On Thursday, the first film trailer was released at San Diego Comic-Con. Moreover, the entire cast was present at the convention.

Warner Bros offers the first look of the IT: Chapter Two

Fans have waited long enough for the second installment of IT. Recently, they were blessed with the first full trailer at the San Diego Comic-Con. After watching the first look, they are extremely hyped for a new film.

ComicBook.com’s Brandon Davis also stated that the film is worth it. Moreover, he also took his excitement on Twitter to express after watching the new trailer. Fortunately, fans can now watch the first trailer for themselves which was released on Thursday morning.

IT: Chapter Two plot

The film takes 27 years in the future which features a new cast of the losers club who are all grown up now. The film shows a small reunion of the club in the town of Derry, Maine. They still believe that they have defeated the monster and it is never coming back.

The story of the previous film was completely based on the book. However, the new plot of the second part of the IT sounds unique for the fans. The young actors are expected to return in the upcoming film along with Pennywise played by Bill Skarsgard.

IT Chapter 2 cast

Additionally, the movie stars characters like Bill Denbrough played by James McAvoy, Richie Tozier played by Bill Hader, Beverly Marsh played by Jessica Chastain, Mike Hanlon played by Isaiah Mustafa, Stanley Uris played by Andy Bean, Eddie Kaspbrak played by James Ransone, etc.

As per the sources, IT: Chapter Two is expected to arrive on September 6th, 2019. So are you excited to get a second look at IT: Chapter Two?

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