It is Raining PlayStation Games In May 2019

It is Raining PlayStation Games In May 2019

PlayStation games gets a way different level of enthusiasm from the gamers around the world. And soon, a whole new list of games will be added to it.

It’s full of adrenaline and in collaboration with the Gods of FPS id Software and open world experts Avalanche Studios, Rage 2 provides players with top of the line weaponry, wild vehicles and a host of enemy-overpowering superhuman powers. Tread into a wasteland set in the aftermath of an asteroid impact where most of the world’s population has been killed.

Read on for a full list of games coming to the PlayStation, next week.

Games For The PlayStation VR

Bartender VR Simulator: This game offers you a sweet combination of immersive VR experience, a simulator as well as a bartending course.  Make your favourite drinks and learn how to mix in an all inclusive game that takes you through the basics of bartending and makes your mixing game strong.

It is Raining PlayStation Games In May 2019

Quar: Infernal Machines : It is a turn based strategy game in the world of Alwyd! Command your cavalry, rely on your officers and order airstrikes to heat up the battleground. Make war and create history, pump your soldiers and win every war that you start.

Games For The PS 4

Darkwood: It is a survival game that presents you with challenges and is a complete ride for horror fanatics.

Devious Dungeon 2: Navigate through the castles booby traps and find your way around. The castle contains treasures that one can only imagine. Be wary of The Summoner though as he doesn’t like to entertain unwanted guests.

It is Raining PlayStation Games In May 2019

Figment: A world of music with Dusty and Piper. The game is set in the recesses of the human mind and will surely blow you away. Follow your musical journey in the involving gameplay and be yourself.

The Padre: Find the missing padre, face your inner demons. Unravel the mystery of finding the pop cultured priest and makes the angels cry for you.

So, for more updates on the video gaming world, stay tuned to The Geek Herald.


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