Japan Sleepable rental cars will cut the cost of staying at hotel

Japan new sleepable rental cars will cut the cost of staying at hotel

It is often said that” a penny saved is a penny earned”. And humans take this saying very practically. Keeping this in mind, Japan has introduced new sleepable rental cars in which you can even accommodate without any worries. This car is the best solution for those who love road trips. You can easily let your hair down in your own car and keep moving forward in your journey.

Why the Japanese need a sleepable cars?

Sleepable Cars

Although, Japan has well-connected roads and good networks of rail and bus. But, there are places where you need to travel by road. These beautiful places of Japan remain untouched by the visitors due to the scarcity of hotel accommodations available. And, the fewer options that are available charge hefty prices. Thus, this generates the need for this unique car.

Key Details about Nikohaku Plan

A rental car company, Niconico Rentacar now rents a car, Daihatsu Wake in which you can sleep. The company calls this service as Nikohaku Plan. With a few additions, the jumbo-sized Daihatsu Wake turns into a place where you can hunker down at night. The key features are as follows:

Japan's new sleepable rental cars will cut the cost of staying at hotel

  • On folding the seats of the car, the specially designed mattress for the car plops down which measures 72.8 inches in length.
  • This turns the car’s entire space into a comfortable bed.

  • Of course, it is difficult to sleep if the glimmer of light keeps peeping in. So, the car ensures you to have a good sleep by providing curtains on the windows. This also gives you extra privacy.
  • Apart from these, the new car comes with safe sub-battery and insect-repellent screen door.

Tariff and locations

Japan's new sleepable cars will cut the cost of staying at hotel

The Nicohaku plan costs 10,000 yen where you get the car for two days and one night. You can even get additional nights at a price of 7,000 yen per night. The Nicohaku cars are available at a very few Niconico Rentacar locations right now. These include Hachioji Horinouchi in Tokyo and New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido.

So, now you can travel anytime and at any place with your new sleepable car without worrying about hotel reservations. This new car is definitely a boon for travellers. You can hire your Niconico car here.

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