Jason Momoa body-shaming incident takes an interesting turn

Momoa body-shaping incident takes an interesting turn

Media has seen the growth and downfall of almost every celebrity that walked on this planet. Whether it be a small dressing issue or big wardrobe malfunction internet knows it all. However, there are times when things such as body shaming over-take the already not-so-sane media.

One such incident is currently taking place in Jason Momoa’s life!! The Aquaman actor, Jason Momoa recently faced body-shaming and got listed in dad bob category. However, this change worked in favour of the dad bob title!!

Momoa body-shaping incident takes an interesting turn

Jason Momoa is facing Body Shaming!!
Source: Today News

Is Jason Momoa now in the Dad-bod category??

As the shirtless images of Momoa surfaced on social media, critics began their work. The Game Of Thrones actor, who is presently enjoying a vacation shared a couple of his photos. Well, little did he knew what a ruckus will begin because of this harmless move!!

Momoa body-shaping incident takes an interesting turn

The photos which started the mayhem
Source: Daily Mail

The pictures captured a little less chiselled body of the actor. Thus, allowing people to make wild speculations and decisions. Many claimed that the absence of his abs is a sign of his entry in the dad bob category.

Some unsatisfied fans suggested that he should start lifting again. While some mocked saying that maybe he was actually working on his Dad Belly now! However, not all minds think alike and some defended the innocent actor.

Not all minds think alike though!

My personal favourite was the reply that he is obviously not enjoying his vacation in a gym!! Carol Roth came forth with one of the best replies. Straight and blunt, asking them what their dad’s look like?? Another perfect way to shut the mouth of all audacious and ludicrous people.

Although, the six packs abs might have softened their existence is still prominent in the photos. The biceps might have lost their steel hard touch but they are there!!! The internet made a wise comeback when people started appraising his new look.

Statements saying Jason Momoa’s beefy husky body is making many men still feel self-conscious. They are well aware of the fact that they can never achieve even half of his present state. Well, if truth be told how does it matter if he gains a few pounds while enjoying his much deserved holidays! For crying out loud he is only human!!

Plus even his slightly round tummy looks any-day better than what most men carry nowadays!!

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