Jason Momoa is Absolutely keen for a Twins remake with Peter Dinklage

Jason Momoa is Absolutely keen for a Twins remake with Peter Dinklage

Remember that 80’s buddy comedy film- Twins? How about making a remake of it with Jason Momoa and his GoT co-star Peter Dinklage? And Jason Momoa was absolutely down upon this idea.

F**kin’ tell me where to sign! Absolutely. That’d be amazing. I love that movie.”- Jason Momoa said.

It is now a Game of Heights (Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa) from gameofthrones


According to some buzzing reports, during Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antico, a fan asked Jason Momoa about sharing the screen with Peter Dinklage in Twins remake. And, Jason completely falls in love with the idea of working on it. He agreed that they should share this proposed idea on Twitter so that it can gain momentum. But, it’s not yet confirmed whether Peter loves the idea too or not!

A quick synopsis of 80’s Twins

Jason Momoa is 'Absolutely' keen for a Twins remake with Peter Dinklage

It is a story about a pair of twins, Julius and Vincent Benedict, who are emerged from a secret experiment. This experiment was carried out at a Genetics Laboratory in order to merge DNAs of six fathers to produce the ideal child. Both of the twins were unaware of the other’s existence. They were poles apart because the one was giant and the other was too small. They meet each other when Julius comes looking for his twin.

Rumours about the remake

Till now, there have been several tries to form the sequel of the story but the writers could not make one. Both the leading stars have expressed their willingness from that particular time but could not find the apt story. Josh Gad was probably writing a story but it’s not confirmed that it ever completed.

Now, it will be fun to see if the makers explore more about the idea of starring Jason-Peter duo in the Twins remake.

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