Jeff Bezos is all set to Conquer Space

Jeff Bezos is all set to Conquer Space

Jeff Bezos has a firm belief that one day a trillion people will live and work in space. He has a dream and he is working towards it. He has unveiled a number of steps which will lay foundations for the generations of future to live in space. Jeff believes that these are very nice and pleasant places to live.

Space is the way forward for this civilization to sustain. Population is on the rise and natural resources are getting depleted, it’s high time that untapped resources be utilized and be taken into account. Climate is changing and we have to account for that.

Jeff Bezos believes in the practicality of civilization in space

Jeff Bezos believes that the entrepreneurial companies cannot exist in space today because the price of admission is too high. Going into space requires a lot of research and a money pool so wide that exhaustion doesn’t take place any time soon.

Jeff Bezos is all set to Conquer Space

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Bezos is also working on building and launching rockets that are reusable. They will be a great alternative. Reusable rockets can drastically cut costs of launching payloads in space.

Presence Of Water On Moon

Jeff is saying that he can use the water on the moon to produce hydrogen and oxygen which can be then used to sustain an ecosystem.

The process of electrolysis can be used to harvest the exemplary resource that is water.

Jeff Bezos is all set to Conquer Space

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Bezos and his firm are working on a lander that can be used to extract water from the moon.He says it’s a very large lander and it’ll land in a soft and precise way.

Companies like NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin are all running in the 21st century space race now. Everybody wants their piece in the race for space and are pouring a bucket-load of money and research into the field of space habitation.

Stay tuned to the geek herald to know whether the humans reach the moon by 2024.

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