Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos space endeavour Blue Origin all set to conquer Moon

Jeff is Going To Fulfill His Dream and wants Blue Origin To Go To The Moon

As we all know Jeff Bezos is the richest person on this planet and he can afford anything he wants, isn’t? And recently he talked about his dream, that he wants to send humans to the moon.

Jeff Bezos: Future Vision

On Thursday Jeff introduces a new super Rocket that can transport people to the moon. He also talked about his visions and he said he wants to create a working and living environment among the stars.

All the words that Jeff said sounded like Science Fiction rather than reality. He also offered insights to the Blue Origin Lunar Lender’s plans. This plan would help in carrying the supplies and people for the very first time and this process will be initiated from 2024.

Jeff is Going To Fulfill His Dream and wants Blue Origin To Go To The Moon

Jeff is planning to shift people to the universe in the coming future

On Thursday, at Washington, Jeff Bezos said in an event that “Big things starts small”. “Now, this is the time to go back to the moon and stay there”, said Jeff.

We all know this plan would take years but one thing I am sure about is Jeff and his company Blue origin are damn serious about creating the working environment around the moon.

Till yet Bezos is the only person who is funding his company $1 billion every year, by selling Amazon stocks.

And this big announcement was made by Blue Origin just after a week, of the statement said by the president of US “we are going to step back in the moon within the next five years” at any cost. But how these plans would be financed? These things are not clear as yet.

But Why Universe?

Jeff is Going To Fulfill His Dream and wants Blue Origin To Go To The Moon

Why Jeff Bezos is planning to transport people to the universe?

But why is there need to send people to space? This question has been asked frequently to Jeff Bezos.

He always said – Earth will go out of energy soon. If the population of earth and consumption keeps expanding then one day we will have shortage of resources. So if we shift to the universe, we will have unlimited resources and we will be able to lead a better life.

So what are your thought about Jeff Bezos statement? Tell us in the comment box. For more updates, stay tuned to the Geek Herald.




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