Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox fight over Justin Theroux?


Justin Theroux’s birthday is just around the corner. This takes us back to last year when Jennifer Aniston back lashed at Courtney Cox for attending Justin’s birthday. Was it real or just a rumor? Let’s look into it.

Is Cox a Betrayer?

According to Women’s Day, Courtney’s action was a total betrayal to her friend Aniston. An anonymous source reported,

There is no love lost between Jen and Justin, and to find out Courteney’s still falling all over him is like a punch to the stomach.

It was also rumored that Cox was not happy in her relationship with Johnny McDaid and she wanted to romantically pursue Theroux.

Everything is going good?

A spokesperson for Aniston clarified that the rumors going around were completely nonsense and there was no truth in them. In February, Theroux even wished Aniston on her birthday publicly.  This evidenced that the duo are on good terms. We also saw Theroux and Cox attending  Aniston’s Thanksgiving Party.

Clearly, there are no issues between either Aniston and Cox or Aniston and Theroux. Cox and Aniston are still besties. Recently, HBO Max also announced a Friends reunion which got delayed because of the pandemic crisis.


Everyone is hopeful that the filming will begin soon once it becomes possible. Cox even announced that she will star in Scream 5. While Aniston is happy for her Emmy nomination for The Morning Show. The two have a lot to look forward to. Cox and Aniston also shared their picture on Instagram.

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