Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Baby Rumors: Couple planning to Start a Family Secretly?


Rumors about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt getting back together continue to spread. Are the two really back together or just on friendly terms? Let’s find out.

Jen and Brad’s Baby

Earlier this year, we got to hear that Brad and Jen are planning to have a baby together.  It was claimed that Jen wanted to have a baby with Brad through IVF. The actress was planning to undergo vitro fertilization to have Pitt’s baby.

It was also contended that Angelina Jolie would be furious if this happens. She wouldn’t want her kids to have a half-sibling from Aniston. However, Jen doesn’t care about this.

The Story about Secret Twins

Another source claimed that Aniston and Pitt were going to have surrogate babies. As per the tabloid, Michelle Ross, who carried Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker’s baby, would be the surrogate mother.

This story was mainly based on Aniston’s interview with Bullock. In the interview, Aniston stated that she could see kids in her future.

Secret Welcome of the Twins

Subsequently, the tabloid also claimed that Brad and Jen have welcomed the kids secretly. Michelle Ross had given birth to twins and the tabloid claimed that they were Brad and Jen’s twins. It was also claimed that the two have a baby girl.

Well, there was no proper evidence for the tabloid to make such claims. The stories are completely made up and without any proof. It would be only foolish to believe such vague rumors. It’s time that the tabloids should put a stop to formulation of such stories and leave Jen and Brad alone.

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