Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Rumors: Couple Hires Surrogate Mother and welcomes Twins secretly


Aniston and Pitt’s fans are still hoping for the duo to get back together. It’s been fifteen years since the two separated. But the tabloids go on speculating that Jennifer and Brad may get back together in the near future.

Surrogacy is the way for Aniston and Pitt?

A source reports that Aniston and Pitt resorted to surrogacy for a baby. Rumors have it that they have already secretly welcomed their first baby. In fact, the tabloids go on to say that Michelle Ross is the surrogate mother who recently gave birth to twins.

Did the Friends star hire a surrogate mother?


As the tabloids claim that Aniston and Pitt hired Michelle as their surrogate mother. So when she gave birth to twins, they went on to claim that they were Aniston and Pitt’s babies.

Truth about the twins

These rumors are just phony stories and there’s no truth in them. But the tabloids are hell bent on convincing their readers that the stars are planning to have a baby together or they may have welcomed their first baby secretly.

Aniston’s views on adopting a baby

Another source claimed that adoption is the only way for Aniston as the actress is already fifty years old. The source said,

They’ve been talking about trying for one of their own, but the more realistic option has always been an adoption. They’ve been talking about adopting a little girl. Starting a family of their own was always a dream of theirs that was never realized until now.

Jen and Brad’s IVF baby

A source claims that Aniston also considered the option of IVF baby and she froze her eggs while they were married. However, the two were married for five years and there was no such news.

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