Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Update: Friends Planning Double Wedding With Brad Pitt And Johnny McDaid?

Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, allegedly, planned a double wedding with Brad Pitt and Johnny McDaid, respectively. Dedicated fans of the acclaimed show Friends would love nothing more. However, how true is this piece of gossip is the real question.

Jennifer Aniston And Courteney Cox Getting Married?

Last year, tabloids claimed that real-life Friends sweethearts planned to combine their upcoming nuptials in a low-key celebration amidst the lockdown. Rumour was that plans were being made for a dinner party at a top-secret location. And also that the after-party would commence at Aniston’s old Beverly Hills house.

Jennifer aniston and courteney cox

However, all this looks nothing more than some wishful imagination of gossip mongers. Most celebrities remained inside their homes the full duration of the lockdown. Then at such a time, why would some of the most popular celebs be planning a joint wedding? Incidentally, how could their joint wedding would just simply be a small get-together?

Fact Of The Matter

A representative for Aniston dismissed the claims as nonsense. They also specified that Aniston and Pitt aren’t involved romantically, let alone engaged and planning weddings. Even though they were spotted exchanging a friendly gesture at the SAG Awards in January of 2020, it doesn’t mean they were headed down the aisle.

courteney cox and johnny mcdaid

Although Cox and British singer Johnny McDaid are in a true relationship, they actually broke off their engagement in 2015. Gossip columns published a story a while ago. It was said that Cox was ready to marry McDaid after an emergency plane landing with Aniston made her realize how much the musician meant to her.

An entire year later, and none of these stories are true. Aniston is still not back with Pitt and Cox and McDaid are still enjoying an unconventional, long-distance relationship amid the lockdowns. This double wedding debacle probably wouldn’t even have been approved by any venue anyways. Most A-listers were following protocol and socially distancing last year when they first began (and still are). It’s clear that Pitt and Aniston probably won’t wed anytime soon, and Cox and McDaid appear to like their arrangement as is.

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