Jennifer Aniston heartbroken after Jolie’s first pregnancy?


Recently, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. star Jennifer Aniston revealed her feelings on Angelina Jolie’s first pregnancy.

During, her recent interview Jennifer Aniston was spotted crying for a few minutes. It was also reported that she failed to answer the question because she became so emotional at the thought of her ex Brad Pitt getting Angelina Jolie pregnant before their divorce has been finalized.

Courtey Cox’s reaction on Brad Pitt cheating rumors

I don’t think he started an affair physically, but I think he was attracted to her. There was a connection, and he was attracted to Angelina.

Aniston and Pitt was separated back in January 2005, their divorce was finalized in October. Jolie become a mother of their first biological child in May, 2006.

According to this timeline, possibilities are there that Brad got Angelina pregnant between September 2005.Brad and Jennifer’s divorce have mot finalized yet. But they have separated for over six months when Angelina is expecting their first child.

Angelina and Brad’s miserable marriage

Jennifer finally moved on from Pitt. But sources claimed that Pitt continued to struggle with Angelina Jolie.

It become a relationship filled with stress and conflict. They used to believe they could trust each other with their innermost secret. But with the breakdown of their marriage came resulting suspicions, on both their parts, that the other was hiding a secret life.

Brad, Angelina, Jennifer living separately

However, Pitt and Jolie have never accused each other of cheating even after their divorce was finalized. There were reports that their relationship has become amicable as of now.

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