Jennifer Aniston Rumours: “Horrible Bosses” Actress Having A Breakdown Over Career; Work Taking A Serious Toll

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is constantly targeted by gossip mongers. The FRIENDS star has remained one of the highest-grossing actors for decades. That means she will always be relevant. Now various tabloids have come up with stories about how she can’t handle this success. And that she might be having a career crisis.

Jennifer Aniston Headed For A Downward Spiral?

Apparently, Aniston was suffering a breakdown after pushing herself to the brink for The Morning Show. She was, allegedly, throwing herself headfirst into this project. And that’s taking a serious toll. People are supposedly concerned that she’s pushing herself way too hard.

Reportedly, Aniston was working too hard and her friends were worried. The Leprechaun star was looking at 18-hour workdays, juggling the second season of The Morning Show with the FRIENDS reunion. And also that she should get some R&R to stay healthy.

The morning show aniston

It was reported that Aniston was falling apart amid a midlife crisis. And that was as a result of the stress of the Friends reunion. Additionally it was said that she was getting loads of plastic surgery because high-definition TV is a whole new thing for her. The pressure of always looking her best and putting on a brave face seems to be getting too much for Jen. She was working long hours that have taken years off her life.

There’s No Mid-life Crisis

Truth be told, The Morning Show had been wrapped for months by the time this story came out. Also, Aniston has been a very busy actress for most of her life. A representative for Aniston even confirmed that she was happy and healthy.

Jennifer Aniston

There’s a lot of sexism in these stories about the We Are The Millers star. Things like Aniston is simply too frail and weak to handle the pressures of her career were depicted, despite the fact that she’s been handling them for years. This story came out because Aniston had just turned 50. However, she said in interviews at that time, “I feel physically incredible.”

These rumours are preposterous because Aniston has always been busy. But then, COVID-19 meant her slate was suddenly clear. A spokesperson for the actress told, “Jennifer, like everyone else, is looking forward to getting back to work when it is safe to do so.”

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