Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper Dating Rumors: Garner wants Revenge on ex Ben Affleck?


Is Jennifer Garner trying to get back at her ex Ben Affleck by romantically pursuing Bradley Cooper. What’s cooking up between Garner and Cooper. Let’s check out.

Done with suffering silently?

According to a source, Garner and Cooper went on a public date in order to get some attention. Reportedly, Garner is tired of seeing Affleck showing off his new girlfriend Ana De Armas. So Garner wanted to show that she was the one who was having fun.

After years of breakup, Garner wants to get out of the shoes of a victim. This public attention is not just refreshing for Garner, but it is also a boon for her and Cooper’s relationship. This source also claims that it won’t be surprising if this turns into something big.

However, the image of Garner that this tabloid is trying to build seems peculiar in front of the real one. Garner is not very open and likes to keep her personal life away from everyone’s eyes. She never shared the pictures of her children on social media. Garner also doesn’t like to talk about her break up. Then how can this source suddenly claim that she likes tabloid attention.

Another Rumor

Earlier, a source reported that Affleck was furious about Garner and Cooper’s beach trip. However, a close source reported that Garner and Cooper are really good friends and it was just a friendly outing.

Conflict between the exes?

The tabloids are going nothing, but spread spicy rumors about Garner and Affleck. She has no grudges against her ex-husband. The two are still friends and in a healthy place. In fact, Cooper was the one who helped Affleck sober up.

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