Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Rumours: The “Lonely” Singer Refusing To Wear Engagement Ring

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez is having troubles with beau Alex Rodriguez. Rumour has it that the singer-cum-actress is not wearing her engagement ring on purpose. this decision came about as a part of her negotiations with her fiance over their prenup.

JLo and A Rod

Jennifer Lopez Not Ready To Wed?

Apparently, Lopez simply insists that she keeps forgetting to wear her engagement ring. But her friends allegedly do not believe that its just by accident. It’s being said that this absence of the emerald cut, $5 million diamond ring comes right after a tumultuous week-long negotiation about her prenup with Rodriguez.

Reportedly, Lopez didn’t want to wed again after her split from Marc Anthony. Gossip mongers suggest that it took some convincing to get the Selena actress to say yes.

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez

Logic Doesn’t Support Claims

The very concept that Jennifer is demanding Alex sign a prenup or that the singer wants protection in case the athlete cheats on her is ridiculous. As for the assumption Lopez is purposefully forgetting her ring to break Rodriguez? That’s incorrect too.

The Wedding Planner actress and the baseball player spotted out dining with friends in Los Angeles. Lopez wore a casual outfit, which indicates the Monster-In-Law actress likes to be comfortable and doesn’t always want to be flashy. That could be the reason why she doesn’t always wear her ring. There are lot of reasons she may not wear it all time. It’s not a negotiating tactic though.

Jennifer Lopez

The most logical explanation is that Lopez and Rodriguez’s wedding has simply been delayed due to the coronavirus epidemic. And there are no issues between the couple. 

The trope of engaged celebrity couples getting into prenup fights is becoming quite old now. Gossip columns have no genuine content. So they simply create some false advertisement to gain readership. However, the star couple is doing very much fine as its evident from their pictures together.

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