Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Break-up Rumours: Singer Kicks A-Rod Out Of Their Home?

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez have been in news for a while now. Their relationship is on the rocks, ever since Rodriguez’s connection to reality star Madison LeCroy came out. Tabloids have now claimed that the Selena actress has banished her partner from their house. 

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Separated?

The couple has been having issues like any other couple. But amid Rodriguez’s recent cheating scandal, it was said that Lopez found evidence on Rodriguez’s phone that LeCroy was not his only fling. The baseball player was apparently talking to countless women behind Lopez’s back. Lopez was reportedly so angry that she kicked Rodriguez out of their home.

Jennifer Lopez

Engagement Called Off?

Since the cheating rumors began circulating, there’s been plenty of speculations about the couple’s relationship. The truth is, relationships are complex and intimate. According to the couple, they are still together. The cheating rumors have never been substantiated. As a matter of fact, Rodriguez hasn’t left the Dominican Republic, where Lopez is filming her next movie. Additionally, Rodriguez just posted a photo of him and Lopez smiling together in an advertisement for Goli Nutrition.

Targeted By Gossip Columns

LeCroy has always maintained that her relationship with Rodriguez was purely platonic. Irrespective of whether that’s true or not, Lopez has said publicly that her and Rodriguez intend to work on their differences and have no plans to separate.

Earlier there were rumours that Lopez has turned into a narcissistic control freak. And that was turning Rodriguez into an obedient lap dog. But that wasn’t true. There were also stories that the couple was adopting a child after the cheating story broke. That was also a concocted tale.

JLo and A Rod

And when all else failed, tabloids made ridiculous claims like Lopez was grossed out that Rodriguez was gaining weight. Relationships are not so superficial that some weight gain could gross out your partner. When you are in love, you are all in. And looks cease to matter. But rumour mongers just need an excuse to create chaos.

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