Jennifer Lopez And Channing Tatum Rumours: Magic Mike Actor Vying For The Singer’s Attention Amid Her Relationship Troubles

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Jennifer Lopez and her ongoing trouble with former fiance Alex Rodriguez has reportedly caught the eye of Channing Tatum. Let’s take a look if whether the 21 Jump Street star is indeed up to what the tabloids are claiming him to be.

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Jennifer Lopez To Star In A Movie With Channing Tatum?

Tatum is allegedly willing to mix business with pleasure by recruiting Lopez for a movie first. And he is pitching a new dance project to star in alongside J.Lo in an attempt to win over the soon-to-be single singer.

Apparently, fans of the singer aren’t the only ones carefully monitoring her tumultuous relationship with Alex Rodriguez. In fact, Tatum has apparently decided he’s going to be there to pick up the pieces once the superstar relationship finally fails.

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Truth Behind The Story

It is true that Jennifer Lopez and Channing Tatum have crossed paths a few times, but there’s a simple reason for that. Tatum’s ex-wife, dancer Jenna Dewan, is friends with Lopez. So, the former couple went to few of Lopez’s premieres. Outside of that, the closest interaction Tatum and Lopez have had was at the 2017 MTV Movie Awards, where Tatum, standing with the Magic Mike cast, twerked on stage at Lopez’s request. Tatum then joked that it was Lopez’s turn, which didn’t seem to amuse the singer in the least.

As a matter of fact, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are still together. Although they’ve admitted that their relationship needs work, they’re still dating and still engaged. That being said, seeing Lopez co-star with Tatum would still be eyebrow-raising.

What’s Channing Tatum Really Up To?

No dance flick is even on the table for the 22 Jump Street star. Channing Tatum is producing a Lady Macbeth musical. And a Universal monster film, as well as starring in WingmenLost City of DAmerica: The Motion Picture, and Dog. Unsurprisingly, none of those projects feature copious amounts of dancing or Jennifer Lopez. He’s also about to release his first children’s book, and from his recent comments to People, he’s extremely happy being a single father for the time being.

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